Systems Engineering

We work with our clients to create a custom design that fits their needs – from identifying the problems that need to be resolved, to creating the solution strategy, to the design and development of the software architecture.  Our comprehensive experience base in the field ensures the efficiency and effectiveness of the systems we create.  Our wide-ranging expertise includes:

  • Operating system driver development
  • Boot loader design and development
  • Client-server applications and software integration
  • Secure Network communications protocol development
  • Database design and development
  • Web crawling and automated data collection
  • Mobile application development (iOS and Android)

Cyber Security and Cryptography

We research and develop new technologies that serve to protect your data.  In our comprehensive approach, we conduct a thorough software vulnerability analysis and build a security-oriented development strategy.  Our extensive cyber security and cryptography portfolio includes both, reverse engineering and development of proprietary software, network protocols, file formats, and file systems.  

Embedded Software

We offer a range of embedded software design and development services to work with your devices, including IoT (Internet of Things). 

We use our extensive knowledge of software and hardware to:

  • Implement custom modifications to proprietary systems
  • Design cryptographically signed operating systems
  • Develop firmware for microcontrollers and FPGA devices
  • Design communication protocols between your devices and servers  

High Performance Computing


We help our clients optimize and accelerate the performance of their resources with our specialized skills in the parallelization of applications at the algorithmic level and the distribution over grids or computer clusters.  We create and incorporate state-of-the-art algorithms, and apply cross-platform computing expertise in languages such as C and C++ for various operating systems, including Microsoft Windows®, Linux®, Solaris® and Mac OS X®. 

Our work has included performing Monte Carlo analysis for pricing options and ocean simulation across a cluster of 512 CPU cores. We are happy to share our expertise in this sphere with our open source product, Wisecracker™ - a generic framework to perform cryptanalysis across a heterogeneous cluster of computers. 

Compiler and Programming Language Design

Selective Intellect specializes in a wide variety of domain-specific language (DSL) design for complex systems, from low-level chips to high-level testing specifications. Our experience spans compiler backend development for custom chips and compiler implementations using virtual machine frameworks such as JVM, LLVM, .NET CLR.  We excel in developing reliable compilers in record time to meet our clients’ needs.